Our Professional Equipments

DJ Dashboard (DJ Turntables)Denon DJ

What’s a DJ without a dashboard? A dashboard is a turntable that a DJ uses to play music on and to change them using creative transitions. The turntable enables us to keep the entertainment coming while interacting with the guests.
– Turntable allows us to not focus on the laptops while interacting with the guests.
– This leads to an engaging event and keeps the audience entertained


The demon DJ turntables have more resilience to audio feedback and are more tactile and elegant. This means that the music would sound great any my live, bass-heavy environment.

DJ MixerYamaha

A DJ mixer is an audio console that is controlled by disc jockeys. Mixer make song transitions much more seamless and pleasant. This helps us keep the crowd content without disrupting the performance.
– Seamless transitions
– No breaks or disruption in music


Yamaha mixers present more refinement making the audio and transitions much clearer and crisp. They provide accessible mixing and sonic purity that lead to creative and better transitions.

Monogram ProjectorAmerican DJ Inno

Monogram projectors are lighting effects that are created using a specialized projector that contains a disc with the necessary design. This is then projected on a surface, like dance floors or walls, and is used to display logos and monograms.
– Unique touch to your event
– Memorable monograms that you and your guests will remember for a long time
– Customized monogram for you to cherish


The ADJ projector comes with many patterns and color gels, making a huge creative space for your monograms. It also has an FX switch to control rotation and a 13 degree angle with a manual focus to ensure that the projected image is clear.

RCF Sound SystemRCF

Sound systems are one of the most important parts in DJ-ing. Or for any event for that matter. It’s a horrible feeling when a great song is being played but it’s not loud enough. Or when you can’t feel that bass drop. That’s why we have some of the best pro sound systems that are great for music and many occasions. This sound will keep the audience entertained for hours on end, making your event a success.
– Loud music= More hype
– Keeps the guests excited for the event as well as to dance


The RCF sound systems have modern sound reinforcement systems that provides high sound pressure levels, constant directivity and top sound quality.

Inteliegent Moving Heads (Light)American DJ Inno

We all know that light are crucial for a dance floor. Or for a party. It’s boring when there’s a great floor and even better music, but when there are no lights that match up to the hype of that environment. Intelligent moving heads are a great solutions to keep the party alive and to make sure every one of your guests dance their hearts out. The automated light produce incredible effect that takes your event to a whole another level.
– Automated lights that move as per the audience’s motion
– Makes the dance floor more welcoming and exciting


These lightweight compact moving heads are great solutions for parties at any venues. They come with 8 colors + spot, 7 rotating and replaceable gobos, and a 19 deg angle. This is bound to make your lighting situation a lot better.

Proffesional Woffer/Sub WofferRCF

Woofers and subwoofers are professional speakers that are smaller in size compared to a sound system, but still do a fantastic job at providing great sound quality.
– Smaller speaker, but still banging music
– Compact speakers that are great to carry around


RCF woofers are great speakers with a high frequency driver that provide high efficiency of more than 100dB and deep bass.

LED Video WallBarco

LED Video walls are great ideas for any event as they can portray any images or videos in the backgrounds of your occasion without compromising in quality. Video walls keep the guests entertained even when times are stagnant.
– Entertainment in the background of the event
– Helps keep the guests focused and amused


Barco provides a high quality video walls that does not compromise with mediocre pixelations. This is a great option for people that would like videos or collages of images to be playing in the background of the event.

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