Rock off and rave on

DJ Maulik

I believe that music makes a huge difference in the world and my hobby as well as my ambition is to make people enjoy that. From mind-blowing transitions to my own original sounds, music is my passion and I hope that I can make my magic happen at your events.

DJ Jatin

My name is Jatin and I am an aspiring DJ. I love to see my audience rave when your beat drops or when the music flows. Seeing all of the guests dance like nobody's watching is great. And that's exactly why I do what I do.

MCs Kiten

I am an emcee and I am here to interact with my audience. Besides music, I believe that communication is key in any event and that is why I am an MC (Master of Ceremonies). I love engaging with the guests and ask them what songs they like or what song they want to be played so that they can have the time of their lives!

DJ Farad

Hello! My name is DJ Farad and I love going from one song to another using crazy transitions. I get very excited when I can see that the guests of the event are having a great time.

Music & Sound System in USA

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